Find clients and stop wasting time, energy, and money. UCoachia is on a mission to help coaches like you.

You don’t need to hire a “guru” for the answers you need. UCoachia is your solution to the problems in the coaching industry.

While the “big dreams” you have been offered in the past sound incredible, at UCoachia, we believe that you can’t just dream your way to a successful coaching practice.

We are here with you - every step of the way - and will teach you all the tools you need to master every aspect of running your coaching business.

Apply and ditch the guru mentality.'re a Coach!

Now what?!

You have a wonderful skill set to share with your future clients, but how do you get started? 

How do you wade through the “necessary evils” of setting up your business, so you can actually begin having a business?

UCoachia has got you covered!

We’ve done the work for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best…actually coaching.

Hi there. I'm Nancy, and I get it - starting a coaching business can be overwhelming. How do you figure out all the moving pieces? 

I created UCoachia, a carefully vetted team of experts who will share with you everything you need to run a successful coaching business.

From building your email list and getting clients to setting up your website and generating content, UCoachia has experts for that. We also have experts teaching you confidence on video, social media, creating your signature course, how to sell, and more. Our experts will detail every step for you in a series of ongoing, interactive, online classes. 

I know you may have worked with companies before who have taken your money and either disappeared, did not deliver on their promises or could only improve one part of your business. Those companies, in fact, were the reason I created UCoachia. 

I know that there is a problem in this industry, and I aim to fix it.

Apply now to be a member of UCoachia.

Lose the overwhelm and start coaching. UCoachia is here for you.

Here’s how we do it:

As a member of UCoachia you have an all-access pass to every class. Our experts are vetted and their mission is to teach you the specific skills you need to build your business and get clients.

Each class includes a lesson and accountability. My mission for you is to take actionable steps and hit your goals - I want you to succeed!

I will create a custom PathWay tailored to where you are in your business and where you want to be. Plus, I'll help guide you as you build your business.

  • ​You are looking to restore a severely worn out, broken, failing tooth that cannot structurally withstand normal everyday wear and tear, or to cap a dental implant.
  • ​You are looking to protect a tooth weakened by decay or cracks. Crowns are referred to as “caps” because they mimic a hat or helmet. 
  • ​You recently had a root canal treatment done. Post a root canal procedure, the tooth might become brittle and break under biting pressure, thus needing a Crown for restoration.
  • ​​You have had a Dental Implant inserted to replace a missing tooth, which needs to be ‘capped’ with a Dental Crown.
  • ​You are looking to restore a severely worn out, broken, failing tooth that cannot structurally withstand normal everyday wear and tear, or to cap a dental implant.
  • ​You are looking to protect a tooth weakened by decay or cracks. Crowns are referred to as “caps” because they mimic a hat or helmet. 
  • ​You recently had a root canal treatment done. Post a root canal procedure, the tooth might become brittle and break under biting pressure, thus needing a Crown for restoration.
  • ​​You have had a Dental Implant inserted to replace a missing tooth, which needs to be ‘capped’ with a Dental Crown.

Apply now and start your journey to consistent clients.

Our pillars:




UCoachia: Multiple experts for the price of 1


Live Classes  • Accountability • Workshops •

You get an All-Access pass to every class and the entire on-demand Educational library.

All live classes are recorded and available in the UCoachia Educational Library.

Plus you get access to Group Co-Working held throughout the month so you can focus on getting your work complete.

Know What Classes to Take to Get to Your Goals

Your goals are my highest priority.

Within your first week, we'll have our first monthly 1:1 to discuss your business goals, what classes to take and in what order to get the results you want.

You aren’t in this alone.

Done For You by Your Own UCoachia Personal Assistant

Your business is unique and your focus is on growing it, not dealing with all the tech, email automation, landing pages and everything else involved in building your virtual summit.

As a member of UCoachia you get your own UCoachia Personal Assistant (UPA) to help you build your business and deal with the "backend."

Your UPA comes with your membership.

Here's Why I Do It:

Hi. I'm Nancy. In 2018, I had a major health issue that caused me to reevaluate my life and career. I left my executive-level sales career, intending to coach women entering mid-life and managing similar health issues. 

Like so many others, I went to multiple gurus who promised to help grow my coaching business. Every time, I was left with no results, a lot less money, and even more confusion. 

In 2020 I had the opportunity to work on the sales team for a famous coaching guru. I quickly realized that the program was hollow and, for all intents and purposes, a scam. Worse, I saw it was happening across the coaching industry. 

These “gurus” made claims of easy success and acted like they cared but really just wanted the money. When their shoddy program inevitably didn't work, they blamed the client for not investing more money. 

I couldn’t be a part of it and decided to fix it. UCoachia was born.

UCoachia isn’t a guru company.  It's a network of experts who want to teach you the specific skills, strategies, and techniques you need to grow your business. UCoachia's goal is to help coaches save time, money, and energy, while building a client base.  

UCoachia is what every expert wished they had when they started their business. 

I created this for you. 


Nancy & the Experts

Join now and get a team of experts to build your business.

The Experts

Nancy Prager

Sales Strategy, Email List Build & Lead Generation


Nancy Prager helps entrepreneurs develop their natural selling voice to create authentic connections with their leads and get more paying clients. For the past 20+ years, Nancy trained and developed sales teams on service based sales and sales strategy.

Client Testimonial

I'm incredibly grateful to Nancy for her insights and guidance for my sales problem. She helped me look outside the box and provides tools and strategies I can implement now that I never even considered. It empowered me to ask for the sale with my confidence the next day and both times, the prospect committed! I highly recommend Nancy as a sales coach! -Dawn-Renee Rice

Allison Nelson

Creating Community, The Offer Lab


Allison Nelson is the business strategist for solopreneurs who want to grow their coaching business in a simple and intentional way that meets their goals for their desired freedom lifestyle. She is an international speaker, host of the Solopreneur AF podcast, and lover of coffee.

Client Testimonial

If you want straight forward, no bullshit strategies, with a touch of class then Allison is your girl. She has the perfect mix of edge and can relate to even the most introverted person like me. She wants to know you, and how to fix your struggle. She actually listens, and I feel she is a friend more than just my coach." -Jessica B., Master IEP Coach"Allison is a kickass coach who knows exactly where to push you and exactly how to support you. I gained more clarity and confidence in our 3 months together than I had gotten in the first 3 years of trying to run a business. I know exactly what I need to do to succeed and have the tools and knowledge to get me there! I am SO grateful for her help!" -Rebecca, Brand Clarity Coach

Amy Lewis

Success & Leadership


Amy Lewis is driven by her passion to help entrepreneurs deeply connect with themselves, to create consistent cash flow month over month and get the support needed to change the world culture as a result. Amy’s built multiple 6-figure businesses and helped others do the same in a variety of industries, in addition to consulting with multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses to simplify operations and increase impact and income while changing the workplace/world culture.

Client Testimonial

The most important things I learned: Truly commit to your goals. Define the vision and the desire emotions. The how comes into focus once you commit. -Josh Aronovitch

Ean Price Murphy

Business Finance & Bookkeeping


Ean Price Murphy teaches successful entrepreneurs a dead-simple cash management system that works with their natural habits so they don’t have to learn accounting to become permanently profitable and can focus on impact, not spreadsheets. She founded Moxie Bookkeeping & Coaching in 2003 and has grown the business to over $1M and 15 employees.

Client Testimonial

Ean doesn't just do bookkeeping, she makes it accessible and empowering. She takes the time to educate, and she helps you create a bookkeeping system that truly works for YOU. Plus, the emphasis on profitability helps keep me focused on what really matters.— HEART DRIVEN BUSINESS ACADEMY

Harli Salazar

Niche, Course Creation and Business Growth through Online Events


Harli Salazar helps you overcome the mental roadblocks that impede your success (imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, fear of failure to name a few). She is a certified transformational coach and mindfulness expert focused on helping business owners and leaders.

Client Testimonial

A session with Harli is like a yoga class for the soul. She is warm, wise, and encouraging, and has a passion for helping people uncover (or find their way back to) their true path. Honestly I never thought I would seek out a life coach, but meeting with Harli feels like getting advice from a deeply supportive and intuitive friend. Her gift is helping you to draw out your strengths and realize your purpose in a way that feels both organic and cathartic; you will leave feeling deeply seen, both by Harli and—most importantly—by yourself -Una L

Kate Schnetzer

All Things Tech and Website


Kate Underwood (Schnetzer), MBA, is Founder and CEO of She’s in Business, and is an Award-Winning Video Marketing Producer and Top 100 Marketing Leader in the United States. She is the foremost thought leader on visibility and digital marketing for women coaches, course creators, and online service providers.

Client Testimonial

Working with Kate was an absolute pleasure. She saved me and my team so much time. She's an incredible human. She's kind [and] compassionate...I highly recommend her. She's incredible and you will not be disappointed. -Rachel Pedersen

Melanie Wilson

Content Creation


Melanie is passionate about helping entrepreneurs discover and tell their Founder’s stories in words that allow your fun and vibrant personality to shine through. She teaches you the techniques and tools you need to create interesting, engaging content that tells your story while building your business. With Melanie you will learn to create personality-filled content that turns prospects into clients on Social media posts, blogs, “About Me” page, website copy, newsletter, sales letters, cold-call letters, lead magnets and more.

Client Testimonial

I attended this class with my coworker, Sarah, for content writing. Melanie did an amazing job engaging all students in her class - and with students form varying industries, Melanie was able to show us how she connects trending moments and content topics to different businesses and conversations. She also engaged with her students to help come up with content topics on their own, by asking us about our perspectives in and outside of our professional lives. It was a deeply engaging class, and all students left with something positive to say and fresh ideas to implement on social. Thanks for an amazing session! -Elyzia Zhang

Tracy Phillips

Visibility & Confidence on Video


Tracy Phillips likes to help entrepreneurs find their video mojo in a fun and engaging way. Her approach to video is bite-sized, non-scary, non-threatening and non-techie.

Client Testimonial

Definitely agree that going live has helped me articulate my services as well as providing better trainings. -Cathi Smith Spooner

Different Materials Used for Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns come in different forms. Here are the most popular ones:

E Max Ceramic Crowns 
The pros of E Max crowns are that they are most natural looking in colour and thus a great option for front teeth. However, they are not the most durable as other options available out there.

Zirconia Crowns
A comparatively newer option, Zirconia crowns are long-lasting, strong and usually don’t cause allergic reactions. However, they may be slightly difficult to adjust to.

Porcelain-fused-to-Metal Crowns
Another great option as their natural colour, and decent durability makes them popular for both front and back teeth. However, they may wear down surrounding teeth over time.

The type of Dental Crown that is perfect for you will be advised by one of our dental experts. We usually take factors such as the position of the tooth, the bite, and the aesthetics among others into consideration before making a recommendation.


What some of our clients say....

"I gained more clarity and confidence in our [Allison Nelson] 3 months together than I had gotten in the first 3 years of trying to run a business. I know exactly what I need to do to succeed and have the tools and knowledge to get me there!"

-Rebecca, Brand Clarity Coach

"[Melanie Wilson] cuts through all the industry jargon and gets to the root of what you are saying in simple, understandable language. She truly wants you to succeed and wants your copy to sell your skills so you can help as many people as possible!"

-Elizabeth Girouard, Pure Simple Wellness

"I highly recommend Nancy Prager for any new coaches and consultants who are intimidated by sales - and have the lack of clients to show for it...I signed my first 2 ideal clients into my signature offer after our first few sessions together. "

-Andrea Wall, Andrea Wall Coaches

"Tracy [Phillips] oh my! My business has grown so much since working with you! Three employees now! I loved hearing you telling others about it!"

-Rhoda Sommer, One on One NCLEX Tutoring

"[Harli Salazar] is so gifted - she listens and understands what is underneath every word, she finds the essence of every story. Her focus on action steps makes this group practical and productive, and her deeper focus on uncovering blocks and finding a path to understanding the self makes it mystical and deeply felt by everyone… she is brilliant."

-Sarah K

"I'm feeling great! Especially after jumping into the deep end of the pool [with Amy Lewis]. It's like my mind conceived a whole new reality. Omg, I'm going to actually build a business that changes my family's lives and the lives of others. ♥♥♥"

-Coach Najwa

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